Hey Y’all!!!!

Hey Y’all!!!

I am IN LOVE with my new welcome mat!  When in Texas, right?!!!  😉  Other than my cute mat, here are some of my summer faves.  A little leopard print, some turquoise and a lot of fun.  Happy Thursday!  Shop my look (and mat) below:






Hey Y’all mat // Leopard print sandals // “Shhhh there is wine in here” tumbler // Anna & Ava turquoise coil bracelet // Distressed denim shorts

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Hang in there hot stuff!  One more day!




Showering Fun!

Recently I held a wedding shower for one of my best friends.  Those who have hosted a shower know how overwhelming it can be to plan.  Food, drinks, games, decor….  Here are a few pictures of some fun and thrifty things I pulled together!

2014-04-12 11.46.51

My “Mimosa Bar.”  Because everything is more fun with Mimosas!  Guests could add fruit to their mimosas.  They could also choose to have a champagne free mimosa or just have a juice of their choice.

2014-04-12 11.46.56

I took tine and tied them around different sized pitchers.  We served Grapefruit juice, orange juice and cranberry juice.

2014-04-12 11.47.29

I found some very reasonably priced cupcakes at my local grocery store that were just plain white, then bought these cute cupcake holders at Michael’s for about $2.99 for 10.  They dressed the plain white cupcakes up and gave them a more wedding like vibe.

2014-04-12 12.23.46

And I made this sign with just thick paper, stencils, some paint and glitter.  Then I used more tine to string it up on the mantel and placed one of their engagement photos on the mantel.

I had a BLAST planning this shower and was very pleased with how it turned out.


My husband and I received a precious gift from a friend of our’s when we got married.  They had taken our “Save the Date” we sent out and created adorable drink coasters for our new home.  2 years later, our sweet drink coasters had bit the dust which put me on a quest to find something unique and fun to replace them with.  Voila!  Feast your eyes on these GORGEOUS pieces of art. Aren’t they divine???!!!  I am obsessed.

il_570xN.653556514_rlcs il_570xN.653674249_d6by il_570xN.653674345_srf5 IMG_1992

Aren’t they beautiful???!!!

Pink Agate stones outlined in gold leaf.  So gorgeous.

Check out Taylor’s other pieces of work on etsy.  She has the same coasters in different colors and great jewelry too!




Turquoise Turquoise Turquoise!

My husband had this old dresser that had been in his family for many years.  It was actually his dresser when he was a baby and his brother’s dresser before that.  Considering the sentimental value of this piece, I was quite nervous to take on the task of making it new and fun again.  However, after MUCH consideration…  I went for it!  And I am SO happy with how it turned out!


This is how it looked when I began.  I had done a small bit of sanding at this point and removed the drawers and hardware.

2014-01-08 15.57.29

This was after one coat of milk paint…  I was nervous…  but pushed on.

2014-01-08 16.26.46

2014-01-13 22.01.33.

After the second and third coat of milk paint, I was feeling a bit more optimistic!!

2014-01-20 19.36.16

Drawers and hardware on and I had begun the distressing process here.  I also re-stained the top of the dresser with a dark stain that turned out lovely.

2014-01-20 19.39.502014-01-20 19.40.01

2014-01-20 19.36.16-1

My finished product.  🙂  I’m so in love!  I hope I’ve inspired you to make something beautiful!

2014-01-28 23.06.03