Turquoise Turquoise Turquoise!

My husband had this old dresser that had been in his family for many years.  It was actually his dresser when he was a baby and his brother’s dresser before that.  Considering the sentimental value of this piece, I was quite nervous to take on the task of making it new and fun again.  However, after MUCH consideration…  I went for it!  And I am SO happy with how it turned out!


This is how it looked when I began.  I had done a small bit of sanding at this point and removed the drawers and hardware.

2014-01-08 15.57.29

This was after one coat of milk paint…  I was nervous…  but pushed on.

2014-01-08 16.26.46

2014-01-13 22.01.33.

After the second and third coat of milk paint, I was feeling a bit more optimistic!!

2014-01-20 19.36.16

Drawers and hardware on and I had begun the distressing process here.  I also re-stained the top of the dresser with a dark stain that turned out lovely.

2014-01-20 19.39.502014-01-20 19.40.01

2014-01-20 19.36.16-1

My finished product.  🙂  I’m so in love!  I hope I’ve inspired you to make something beautiful!

2014-01-28 23.06.03

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