A little reminder to build others up!

We all know what it is like to feel beat and torn down by a job, another person or just life in general.  Let this be a reminder to you to leave everyone you meet with a smile.  Make all that you come across feel good about themselves.  You never know what someone might be enduring.  Take any chance to leave another person in a better place then they were.  Happy Saturday!

Sometimes we need to break before we shine

In life, we all have struggles, obstacles and pain beyond belief.  Aren’t these things ultimately what makes you, YOU?  If everything was rose colored and perfect day in and day out, then we would not truly be thankful nor would we be who we are today.  I say we embrace each struggle.  I say we attack each obstacle.  And I say we face our pain and look it in the eye.  For sometimes we do need to break before we can shine.  Allow each moment in life to create a better you…