We survived a year!

I just wanted to share a few pictures from our birthday weekend with the twins.  We all survived a year!  ha!  In all seriousness though, our hearts are SO FULL of love.


This past year has been the most beautiful year of our lives.  Nothing could have prepared us for this adventure.  It is a little bit of madness and a TON of magic.  We are so very thankful for these two bundles of joy.



||  WILD ONE onesies || QUEEN of all things WILD || KING of all things WILD || The boys pants (They come in a 3 pack for $9.99) || Baublebar earrings ||  Black jeans ||

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Here is the top 10 questions we get ALL THE TIME about our twins:

  1. Are they identical? YES
  2. Who was born first? First of all…  WHO CARES?  It was a c-section!  They were literally 1 minute apart.  Only my husband, myself, the doctors and God know.  Secondly…  We aren’t telling!  We don’t think it is important.  It automatically seems to label a pecking order of some kind and we don’t like that.
  3. Did you have them “naturally?” We actually get this question.  This question could be interpreted 2 different ways. One, did you use fertility drugs of any kind? or Two, how did you deliver them?  While both interpretations are actually pretty darn personal, I luckily don’t get too bothered by it and consider myself an open book on my experience.  So…  No we did not use any fertility drugs…   FYI, fertility drugs don’t actually produce identical twins anyway.  Using fertility drugs means you might have more than one fertilized egg.  Identical twins is ONE egg that randomly splits.  And the boys were delivered via c-section on a day our doctors felt the boys needed to be born. I knew from the beginning of my pregnancy that these little dudes would almost certainly be born via c-section.
  4. Do twins run in your family? We do both have twins in our families, however, identical twins are not hereditary.  Identical twins is just a total freak of nature when an egg splits in two. (My husband likes to say he “split the atom.” )
  5. Why don’t their names match? Ummmm…  they’re two different people…  with two different personalities…  and two different life experiences.  We want them to be individuals.
  6. Do they have their own language? They definitely communicate with each other better than they communicate with us.  They babble like any other baby would but at times it does seem like they are having full on conversations.  And our house is NEVER short of giggles.  They giggle at each other constantly.
  7. Do you ever dress them alike? OMG YES!  Although we want them to be individuals, they aren’t currently choosing their outfits.  ha!  When they get older and have an opinion on what they wear, then we will let them choose but for now, this mama is having a BLAST dressing them alike.
  8. How do you tell them apart? I personally have never had a problem telling them apart.  I’m the mama!  I can even tell their cries apart!  When people ask this or have a problem telling them apart I usually point out that Stone has chubbier cheeks (he likes to eat more than his brother) Another tip: We try to ALWAYS put Ridley on the right side in photos.  He is on the right side in probably 95% of photos of the two of them.
  9. Is it hard having twins?  Absolutely!  But I’m certain just having one baby is hard or having triplets is hard as well.  It’s all relative.  We don’t think of it like we are going through something difficult, we relish in the fact that we were blessed with two precious souls.  Being a parent is hard at any level!  Thankfully, we know no different.  This is our normal!  And we love it.
  10. Two for the price of one?! Um…  no.  It’s definitely 2 for the price of 2!  From the moment we found out we were having twins, it was DOUBLE everything (including my belly size…  holy moly).


I could go on for days and days yall.  We get the CRAZIEST questions and comments.  We LOVE being parents and we LOVE being parents to twins.  It is the coolest thing we have ever done!  🙂




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