Belly Fat – BE GONE!

We all want to get rid of that belly fat.  There is no magic wand to make this happen and there is no magic exercise that will instantly give you those flat abs you’ve been craving.  It takes a combination of hard work and clean eating.  You can do a million sit-ups a day, but if you continue an unhealthy lifestyle you will never see a change!  It’s not rocket science…  however, we still seem to somehow bargain with ourselves.  This bargaining is getting us no where!  The truth is you have to alter your lifestyle to promote fat loss from your entire body with a clean diet and a consistent exercise routine.  Here is a fool proof list of tips to help you kiss that belly fat GOODBYE!

  1. Stay away from processed foods – This stuff is just not natural!  Literally!  Anything that is pumped with chemical additives, high fructose corn syrup and over-processed  nastiness…  just cannot be good for you.  Cut it out!  Try and go for ONE ingredient foods.  Know what you are putting into your body.
  2. Diet – No sugar, no carbs, high protein, and loads of veggies. Green veggies, colorful veggies, all veggies!  Eat a variety of them to keep your taste buds excited!  Don’t just stick to the ones you know.  Try new and exotic veggies!  You never know, you might find something you truly love!  And keep the protein intake high!  Protein is lean, fights hunger and keeps you full longer!
  3. Exercise – You MUST have a consistent exercise program that challenges you.  I have always been told to “keep my body guessing.”  Don’t just do the same thing every day.  Do a variety of exercises each week that fits in cardio as well as full body workouts.
  4. Sleep – you need it.  your body does not work at 100% without it, so make sleep a priority.  Period.
  5. Water – Staying hydrated keeps your metabolism up and it can combat food cravings.  Can’t say it enough.  Water is the nectar of life!  Drink it up sisters!

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