7 Tips to burn fat (faster)

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  1. Hit the weights – By adding in weights to your workout routine, you will ensure that your muscles are here to stay.  Also, muscle burns fat faster!
  2. Run like Crazy – Your weight will melt off faster if you add running into your workouts.  Try sprints!  100 yard sprints, 10 times in a row will burn fat quicker!
  3. Green tea – add this refreshing liquid to your post workout routine.
  4. Early morning workouts – Early morning workouts help you start burning calories earlier and this lasts throughout your day.  Bonus…  you won’t be tempted to skip the gym after work since you’ve already gotten your workout in!
  5. Zzzzzzzzz – Getting a good night’s sleep has many health benefits.  It will also keep you on track and make you less likely to skip a hard workout, give less than 100% at a workout, and make poor food choices.
  6. Ice Ice baby – Drinking cold water has been proven to force your body to burn calories in order to warm your body temperature.  Add ice to that water!
  7. Lean Mean Protein – Protein makes fat burning possible by boosting your metabolism and helping to build more muscle.  Add chicken to that salad, eat a spoonful of peanut butter or snack on a hard-boiled egg!

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