Fit Tuesday – Fat hackers

Here are 4 easy hacks to cut the FAT!

  1.  Cauliflower – You can substitute almost any carb with cauliflower.  Rice, mashed potatoes, french fries, you name it!  The next time you have a hankering for one of these high calorie foods, consider trying cauliflower in its place.  I’ve blogged a few cauliflower recipes before. Click HERE  to get inspired with some yummy and low calorie fat hacking recipes.
  2. Veggie noodles – I LOVE pasta.  I could eat it every single day.  However, pasta is not the healthiest option.  There are a TON of ways to enjoy noodles that are made from vegetables.  From Spaghetti squash to zucchini.  The opportunities are endless.  I recently purchased a veggie peeler (Find it HERE) that has changed my life and has made it easier for me to enjoy one of my favorite meals (spaghetti) as a healthier and more balanced choice.
  3. Wrap it up – As in, lettuce wraps!  Replace your bread, tortillas and pitas with plain lettuce and instantly cut fat, calories and carbs.  This is a no brainer.
  4. Water – I know, I know.  You’ve heard it a million times before.  And I have blogged about it too…  but really, there is nothing more important than this one.  Cut the high calorie beverages and sugary drinks by choosing WATER instead.  Add a little lemon, cucumber or berries if you need flavor.  Try sparkling water if you want some fizz!  Bottom line is your body needs it, so put the soda cans down and pick up a glass of clear water.

Ok beauties.  Get to hacking that fat and cutting those calories!

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